SEVENTEEN Vernon’s MBTI Personality Type Has Completely Changed

From ENFP to…?

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon revealed his new MBTI personality type, and it’s the total opposite of his previous results!

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon | @vernon_98/Instagram

In 2019, all the members took the MBTI test on an episode of their variety show Going SEVENTEEN. Back then, Vernon was an ENFP, along with Seungkwan. The E stands for extroversion, the N stands for intuition, the F stands for feeling, and the P stands for perceiving. ENFPs are known as mood makers and they easily form close social and emotional ties.

On February 14, Vernon revealed that his MBTI type has changed in a Weverse post. He said he took the test 2 times, and he was categorized as an ISTP both times. ISTP is the total opposite of an ENFP!


Almost every single letter in Vernon’s MBTI type has changed. The I in ISTP stands for introversion, the S stands for sensing, the T stands for thinking, and the P stands for perceiving.

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ISTPs tend to have individualistic mindsets and they can motivate themselves to pursue their goals without needing motivation from others. They’re known for their curiosity and rationality. ISTPs are also a bit of an enigma. They’re friendly yet very private, calm yet spontaneous, and extremely curious yet uninterested in traditional, formal studies. They’re full of interesting contradictions that make them super fun to get to know, just like Vernon!

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Throughout his career, fans have noticed that Vernon is enigmatic. At times, he says hilarious, meme-worthy things, and at others, he stays quiet and keeps to himself.


While Vernon does share some traits with ENFPs, the MBTI type of ISTP seems to fully encompass every facet of his personality!

Source: 16Personalities

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