Several IZ*ONE Members And Agencies Are Considering Forming A Unit Group Following IZ*ONE’s Disbandment

Who would form the unit group?

Several IZ*ONE members and their agencies are reportedly in discussions to promote as a unit group following IZ*ONE’s disbandment in April.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, several members of IZ*ONE and their agencies are discussing the possibility of promoting in another unit or project group once IZ*ONE’s time as a project group ends in April.

Some members of IZ*ONE and some agencies have expressed their regret over the completion of IZ*ONE’s activities, so they are currently discussing the possibility of forming a group with some of the members, or working as a unit or another project group. Several of the IZ*ONE members are positively considering the opportunity.

— Insider

However, even if the IZ*ONE members really want a follow-up group, the activities and formation of the group cannot be carried out smoothly unless the agencies all agree. Since the members are all spread out through different agencies, any difference in opinion regarding the activities will make the process more difficult. Also, one additional factor that needs to be taken into account is whether CJ ENM will have a say in the potential unit group.

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IZ*ONE’s project group activities will end in April, and if that means CJ ENM does not intervene in their activities anymore, then some members of IZ*ONE will form their follow-up group, and opinions between those members’ agencies will be sorted out faster [without CJ ENM’s inclusion].

— Insider

The IZ*ONE members’ agencies were reportedly unable to agree on the conditions to a contract extension, leading to their scheduled disbandment in April after two years and six months together following Produce 48.

Source: Ilgan Sports