Several X1 Members’ Agencies Reportedly Intend To Boycott X1’s Future Promotions

They don’t want to continue with X1.

Several X1 members’ agencies reportedly have stated during their meeting with CJ ENM and Swing Entertainment earlier this afternoon that they refuse to resume X1 activities.

CJ ENM confirmed earlier in the day that they would be having a meeting with representatives from each X1 member agency, to discuss X1’s future. One insider commented on the nature of the meeting.

From my understanding, I know that each agency’s CEO, CJ ENM, and Swing Entertainment met today around 4 pm for around 1 hour.

At this meeting several agencies expressed their intentions to boycott X1’s future activities.

— Insider

The insider continued, stating the agencies likely need to all agree in order for X1 to continue.

I understand that 3 or 4 companies have negative feelings about continuing X1 and have intentions to deny X1’s future activities. They conveyed their feelings at the meeting today.

I understand that the members from the other agencies are willing to continue with X1 if all 11 of the members agree to stay.

It will not be very easy for X1 to resume activities.

— Insider



Source: Tenasia