SF9 Dawon’s Thorough Apology For “Lazy Dance” Controversy – Netizens Praise His Good Attitude

Do you think it was something to apologize for?

SF9 was recently under controversy for their chaotic relay dance for “Summer Breeze”, putting them in the spotlight as netizens felt that they were being lazy and insincere in their dance.

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Due to the criticism and scrutiny they were placed under, member Dawon stepped up to clarify the intentions behind the video as well as to formally apologize. He took to Instagram live to talk to the fans about it.

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Dawon clarified that the news articles written about it had blown things out of proportion and that the members were not being lazy. He also apologized that the relay dance video was misinterpreted and that fans could’ve been hurt by it.

The humble member also reiterated that he knows such criticisms come with the job as a celebrity and idol, and acknowledged that things he should be criticised for, should be. He ended off promising to do better in the future.

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Many were impressed by the clean way he worded his apology without beating around the bush or pushing the blame off. His wise words gained the favor of the public in fact, as netizens praised him for his good feedback and defended the group for the video instead.

The moment was captured by a fan who uploaded the clip onto Twitter, for those that wish to view it.

With his apology, the matter will hopefully be put to rest and SF9 may continue their promotions for their comeback with “Summer Breeze” without incident.

The full translated transcript of the video clip is as follows.

Don’t be too sad, guys. I think that things that I need to be criticised for, should be. It’s something that comes with the job. It’s not something everyone will have experienced so I hope you guys can understand it with a wider heart. I will show you guys a better side of me so please understand. I turned on Instagram live for this, so I hope you guys won’t be too hurt over this. I will work harder so please cheer us on a lot. Thank you.

– Dawon, SF9


Source: theqoo