SF9 Under Fire For “Half-Assing” The Choreography To Their New Song

Fans have divided opinions on SF9’s recent relay dance video.

SF9, who are currently promoting their new song, “Summer Breeze”, is under fire for their attitude during a recent relay dance challenge on M2.

The video showcasing SF9’s attempt at the relay dance challenge reached 150,000 views in just under one day, but the reason why it’s trending in online communities is unfortunately not a positive one.

Some netizens have been criticizing the members for “half-assing” the choreography to their new song and showing an “insincere attitude.”

That’s because while most idol groups showcase their flawless choreography in the relay dance challenge, SF9 was a little different.

There were times when the members stood blankly as if they had forgotten the choreography, and when their individual turns came around, they showcased just the basic moves before heading to the back of the line.

There were even times when the members failed to nail formations and run about in confusion.

But on the other hand, some fans expressed that they probably did it on purpose to make for a funny concept and that there are no issues to be raised.

Check out SF9’s relay challenge on M2 below:

Source: Insight