SF9 To Release A Special Album For Fans In Celebration Of Their 4th Anniversary

The upcoming album is dedicated to FANTASY:

In celebration of their 4th anniversary, SF9 is treating fans with the release of a very special album!

Last week, SF9 introduced a project called FANTASY RACE. This project aims to commemorate the four successful years (and counting) that SF9 has had in music. At the same time, they also hope to show their love and gratitude towards FANTASY who have always shown their own love and support for SF9, giving them strength.

As part of the project, SF9 will be releasing a special album called Special History Book. FNC Entertainment recently dropped a teaser for the special album, featuring a warm-feeling picture of sheet music for the upcoming album’s title track “Shine Together”.

Altogether, the new album will include three brand new songs including “Shine Together” which is a song entirely dedicated to FANTASY.

In addition to the new album, SF9 will also be hosting a special livestream, opening a pop-up store, and more as part of their FANTASY RACE project.

Special History Book, meanwhile, will be releasing at 6 PM KST on October 5, their anniversary date!

Source: Osen