SF9’s Rowoon And Former IZ*ONE’s Nako Gain Attention For Their 40cm Height Difference

They’re MCs for a new survival program.

SF9‘s Rowoon and former IZ*ONE‘s Nako were previously announced to host the Korean-Japanese joint audition show, The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle. The show is hosted on SBS and is an audition program searching for members to create a new idol band with visual and musical talent.

Fans were concerned about one thing, though! The height difference between the two is 40cm (1.3 ft), making it difficult to capture both of them in a single frame during close-ups. Nako is known to be 149cm (4.88 ft), while Rowoon towers at a tall 189cm (6.2 ft).

Even actress Kim Hye Yoon, who is known to have a “heart-fluttering height difference” from Rowoon, is 155cm (5.08 ft). She starred in Extraordinary You with Rowoon. She often had to stand on boxes or platforms during close-ups. Nako is unable to do that, however, due to the live broadcast.

Kim Hye Yoon and Rowoon in “Extraordinary You”. | SBS

Thankfully, fans’ worries were quelled when they discovered that the two would be MC-ing while seated.

The situation was humorous to fans.

| Nate Pann
  • “No, but what were they thinking when they chose the MCs? Seems like they were aiming for captions like, ‘The chemistry of a really tall male idol and a really short female idol‘ or something like that when they chose the two.”
  • “Rowoon is tall already, but the heels of his boots will also be like 4cm or something too.”
  • “Nako is really consistent and doesn’t lose weight. Hitomi became super skinny.”
  • “Nako’s height on her profile is 149cm… More than 40cm of height difference. Rowoon is really a giant.”
  • “But Nako is f*cking pretty.”

Even so, they would be perfect as hosts, given that Nako has experience in an audition program, Produce 48. She was also active in both Korea and Japan. On the other hand, Rowoon’s experience as an idol and actor would provide invaluable tips to the participants.

Source: Nate Pann
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