The Shincheonji Cult Is Trying To Use “BTS” To Attract Newcomers

They’re trying to capitalize on BTS’s name-power.

The religious sect at the center of the current Corona19 (COVID-19) outbreak in South Korea has been revealed to be using BTS to try and attract newcomers to their church.

Members of Shincheonji are known to have several methods to try and bring new members into their church. One such method is having members of Shincheonji secretly join other churches, and pose as new members of that church. After joining, the Shincheonji member would slowly attempt to convert members into moving to the Shincheonji church.

Another method that was revealed to the public by netizens was their “BTS” method, where the members would name-drop BTS in an attempt to get newcomers to attend their “bible studies”. Their promotional flyer also was produced to use BTS as an acronym for “Bible Teaching Shincheonji.”

Also notable in the picture is how tightly packed the members of Shincheonji are, showing how easily Corona19 can spread between members. The members are known to be packed in close proximity to each other during meetings, and even have physical contact, further spreading any potential viruses or bacteria. In addition, the nature of the members to hide their affiliation with Shincheonji has made it more difficult for health authorities to track down all citizens who have come into contact with the infected member, further promoting spread.