Super Junior’s Shindong Wows Friends And Fans With His New, Sharper-Than-Ever Profile Pictures

Lookin’ really handsome there, Shindong!

Super Junior‘s Shindong presented his Instagram followers with a pleasant surprise of brand new profile pictures, taken at a local photo studio in Hongdae, Seoul!

Super Junior’s Shindong | @earlyboysd/Instagram

In these pictures, Shindong is boasting his sharpness…

| @earlyboysd/Instagram

… especially after he has successfully put off 80+ pounds (around 37 kilograms) since he started his weight loss adventure with JUVIS.

Shindong getting the JUVIS treatment. | @earlyboysd/Instagram

The lilac purple background makes Shindong’s handsomeness and adorable personality pop even more…

| @earlyboysd/Instagram

… and Super Junior fans can’t get enough of how happy and healthy Shindong looks! Shindong himself also found these pictures to be satisfactory, as he explains in the caption:

Daebak! I look so good in these, it’s almost embarrassing. LOL. SUPER SATISFIED! Thank you for the best pictures of my life. #Shindong #ProfilePicture

— Shindong

Shindong’s celebrity friends have also flocked to drop their UwUs in the comments section.

| @earlyboysd/Instagram

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