SHINee Announces Their Long-Awaited Comeback Date

SHINee’s Back.

SHINee announced their long-awaited comeback date during their special live broadcast The Ringtone: SHINee is Back, and it will be on February 22.

| @SHINee/Twitter

During The Ringtone: SHINee is Back, SHINee shared stories and spoilers about their new album, with Minho and Onew revealing their comeback date to thousands of fans watching online.

It’s going to be February 22, everyone. SHINee is back on February 22.

— Minho and Onew

SHINee also shared the first performance for one of their new songs, “Marry You”, during the live, with the song already receiving a positive response from Shawols and non-fans alike.

| @SHINee/Twitter

Listen to their new song “Marry You” below.

Source: Newsen