SHINee Fan Goes Viral For The Most Special Message To Jonghyun After Her Wedding

The tweet has fellow SHINee and K-Pop fans feeling quite emotional.

Twitter user @GTG0408, a long-time fan of the late Jonghyun, has fellow SHINee and K-Pop fans in tears with a heartbreakingly special message tweeted following her wedding.

Twitter user @GTG0408 | @GTG0408/Twitter

The tweet, shared on the platform on April 7 (KST), let the SHINee member know that @GTG0408 got married in March 2023. Attaching some scenic pictures from “a trip,” assumed to be her honeymoon, the fan recalled the impact that Jonghyun had on her entire wedding.

@GTG0408 promised to “live happily ever after,” asking the member to also be at peace.

Hi, Jonghyun! I’ve become a bride of March. I included a quote from you in my invitations. I also used the same flowers that I gifted you for the first time in my bouquet. I bet you would’ve congratulated me on my wedding, right? I wanted to share with you some moments from my trip when I thought of you. I’m going to live happily ever after, and I can only hope that you’ve found your peace. I still love you so much, my first-ever friend. My forever spring.

— @GTG0408/Twitter

The short-and-sweet tweet soon captured the hearts of SHINee fans worldwide—especially as Jonghyun’s birthday, April 8, dawned in Korea.

Congratulating her on her wedding and thanking her for sharing the beautiful pictures, SHINee World (Shawols) remembered the late Jonghyun with @GTG0408.

| @GTG0408/Twitter
  • “I hope the two of you become the happiest couple in the world.”
  • “Congratulations to the bride of March…! May the spring warmth and sunshine bless your marriage. Wishing you the most peaceful and happy days together. Sending you the biggest congratulations alongside Jonghyun!”
  • “Spring is such a Jonghyun season. And to celebrate such a beautiful event in Spring…! Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you the happiest marriage!”
| @GTG0408/Twitter
  • “Congratulations on your wedding! I’m sure Jonghyun would’ve been all smiles, celebrating with you! I hope your days ahead will be filled with happiness!”
  • “MANY CONGRATS! I can almost picture Jonghyun jumping around in joy, singing you songs of celebrations. I hope you continue to share many more springs with us.”
  • “Congratulations on your wedding! Wishing you the best any time, anywhere!”

The tweet has since garnered over 2.9M views; @GTG0408 thanked those who found her message resonating.

I received so many unexpected blessings. Thank you all so much. This is all thanks to Jonghyun! Haha. The spring showers are here, but I’m sure there are places still getting cherry blossoms. Let’s stream, dreaming of that place together.

— @GTG0408/Twitter

Listen to Jonghyun’s “Cherry Blossoms Are Falling” here.


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