SHINee Jonghyun’s Past Songs All Ranking High On Music Charts After News of His Death

His songs are shooting up to #1.

Jonghyun‘s past songs are all starting to trend on music charts, after he died from suicide on December 18, 2017. 

Jonghyun’s solo song, “Lonely”, is currently ranked #1 on music charts such as Melon.  The song is from his 2nd compilation album “The Collection: Story Op. 2″ and features Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.  

The song was originally released in April 24, 2017.

Jonghyun is charting #1 on the Melon Music Charts.


The song is also charting #1 on Genie, another major music portal and charting system in South Korea. It’s ranking #3 on Naver Music and Bugs.

Another one of Jonghyun’s solo songs, “End Of A Day” is trending #1 on Bugs, Mnet Music Charts, Naver Music and Soribada. These are all the major music charts and streaming websites in Korea.

The song was originally released on September 17, 2015.

YG Entertainment artist Lee Hi‘s track, “Breathe” is also charting #2 on Naver Music and Bugs. It’s charging #3 on Melon and Genie. The song was written by Jonghyun and the lyrics are extremely emotional and seem to discuss depression.

The song was originally released on March 9, 2016.

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