SHINee’s Key Reveals How Jonghyun “Saved” Their Song “Juliette” 14 Years Ago

Here’s what the original lyrics were.

SHINee recently completed their 15th-anniversary fanmeeting, Everyday is SHINee Day. The boys performed songs and interacted with their fans who have been with them for over a decade.

L to R: Onew, Taemin, Minho, Key. | The Korea Herald

During the show, they shared many behind-the-scenes TMIs with fans. One such TMI was about their 2009 hit song, “Juliette.” The song was a mega success, with the music video and lyrics based on the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet.

Key spilled the tea on how the song came to be.

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When the boys first received the demo, the iconic lyrics weren’t as it was now. The existing chorus goes, “Juliette, oh! I’ll lay down my soul for you.” The demo version that the boys originally heard was “Bzz zz zz. I’ve been electrocuted by you.” It was only thanks to Jonghyun that the lyrics were changed.

Fans discussed the tidbit on social media after the fanmeeting. Not only was that the original lyrics to “Juliette,” but “A.Mi.Go” was also originally called “Turn It Up!”

Kim Jonghyun is truly impressive. How did he manage to write lyrics about how the moonlight seems like it might spill over, how torchlight burns so bright that it might cause the darkness to burst, how the girl is like that, and how one needs to learn how to shine just like that, after hearing “Bzz zz zz, I’ve been electrocuted by you?

— kkbalh_i

Everyone agreed on just how much of a lyrical genius Jonghyun was.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Bzz zz zz LOL It’s f*cking funny.
  • God-Jonghyun… Da heck is Bzz zz zz, insane.
  • Kim Jonghyun is a genius LOL
  • Thank you so much, Jonghyun-ah.
  • Huh? Electrocuted?
  • Bzz zz zz LOOOOOL
  • Bzz zz zz and Juliette is so different LOL

Jonghyun did God’s work for sure.

Source: theqoo