Recent Photo Shows SHINee’s Key In The Military

“His hair is so cute it looks like a chestnut.”

On March 12, the Korea Army Training Center (KATC) revealed a photo of a group of privates who were receiving military training and among them was SHINee’s Key!


Key enlisted in the Nonsan Training Center in Chungcheongnam-do on March 4 after leaving a farewell message for fans. He is expected to begin serving in the military band after receiving the training.

SHINee’s Key Shares Farewell Message Before Military Enlistment


In the photo, Key had a buzz cut with glasses and still looked as dazzling as ever.


Meanwhile, fans have been commenting on how cute his new hair cut was.

  • “His hair is so cute it looks like a chestnut.”
  • “It looks like he’s doing well. Cute.”
  • “He looks young.”
Source: Dispatch