SHINee’s Key Uploads A Never Before Seen Video Of Jonghyun

Key misses his brother a lot.

Key updated his Instagram with a short video clip of himself with Jonghyun.

In the video, you can see Jonghyun and Key producing their song “Don’t Stop” from their 2016 album, “1 of 1”.

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The song’s lyrics were written by Jonghyun, with Minho and Key personally writing their rap verses.

Jonghyun is seen discussing with Key about how to proceed with the beats and its lyrics.

“Let’s keep going at this part and then decide which parts to break.”

— Jonghyun

Key didn’t add any captions to the post but fans speculate that he found this fond clip of Jonghyun as an artist, while reflecting back on their time together.

“We’re not going to think of it as filling in his empty space, but instead promote while keeping him in mind constantly.”

— Key

Key has been uploading many tributes to his late brother, emphasizing his recently released new album.

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Listen to “Don’t Stop” below:

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing