SHINee Key’s “Get Well” Note For Comedian Park Na Rae In Post-Op Recovery Shows His True Personality

Key proves he has a heart of gold.

SHINee‘s Key is known and loved for being unapologetically himself in the best way possible.

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Key’s genuine and loyal personality has earned him many lifelong friends, including comedian Park Na Rae.

Key and Park Na Rae are castmates on the MBC show I Live Alone, a show that “recollects the daily lives of celebrities and forms its unique sympathies among the singles within South Korea by showing celebrities’ lives without significant filtering.”

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The two are known to be close friends and often have hilariously chaotic chemistry when they’re together.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, comedian Park Na Rae, and SHINee’s Key on “Amazing Saturday” 

In the latest episode of I Live Alone, Key and Park Na Rae showed a more heartwarming side to their friendship when Key visited the comedian after her surgery for the ACL injury she sustained while filming a commercial.

While filming, there was an accident, and Park Na Rae tore her ACL. She will have to undergo surgery. At the moment, we are working to move her schedule around. We are prioritizing Park Na Rae’s health first and will do our best to look after her. We apologize to the fans and to those affected by the sudden news.

— JDB Entertainment

Previews for the episode showed Park Na Rae struggling to go about her daily routine with her leg in a cast, leaving her to move around with the help of a medical scooter.

Luckily, her friend Key arrived to help her out and keep her company, revealing his kind personality.

Key made the two a delicious dinner, stocking her fridge with easy side dishes to enjoy later, which he thoughtfully labeled for her.

This wasn’t the first time Key showed his thoughtful personality through action. On a previous episode of I Live Alone filmed early last year, Key showed his caring side with SHINee’s maknae Taemin before he left for his military service. To send him off, Key lovingly prepared Taemin’s favorite dish.

Key’s kind moments with Park Na Rae were not without the usual fun chaos, including when the two hilariously raced to the restroom after Key drove her to her physical therapy appointment.

Their scenes were not short of touching moments, especially when Key wrote Park Na Rae a heartfelt letter letting her know she’s not alone and that he’s here to help with anything she may need.

Na Rae Park!

Noona, I know what it’s like to suffer an injury. It’s depressing, and I bet you have a lot of things you want to eat. It’ll actually help with your recovery to eat well. So forget weight loss until you’re done healing!!! And remember, your health is the most important thing! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can help you with!


— Key

These moments make it easy to see why Key has had such long-lasting friendships.

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