SHINee’s Taemin Is Putting Key’s Thoughtful Military Enlistment Gift To Good Use—Here’s The Item He Uses The Most

We love the way the SHINee members care for each other 🥰

SHINee‘s Key prepared an “Army Enlistment Survival Pack” for Taemin before his enlistment, and it sounds like Taemin has been putting it to good use!

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram
SHINee’s Taemin | @taemggung/Instagram

Taemin recently did a 30 Questions and 30 Answers interview with the Military Manpower Administration, and he was asked which item he uses the most from the training kit Key gave to him before he started his military service.

| iheartshinee/YouTube

When they appeared together on the variety show I Live Alone, Key went over to Taemin’s apartment to cook for him, recreate some old selfies, and give Taemin an enlistment survival kit. The kit included 3 military essentials: skin-friendly camo cream,  lip balm, and insoles for his military-issued boots. Key also included extra insoles for Taemin to give to his military buddies

| MBCentertainment/YouTube

During his 30 Questions and 30 Answers interview, Taemin revealed that the insoles Key gave him have proven to be the most useful part of his enlistment survival kit. He said, “As the military shoes are hard, I got functional insoles as a gift. That seems to be the most useful one. I think it reduced the fatigue on my legs when I march or when I train.”

As someone who served in the military before Taemin, Key definitely knew how hard intense military training can be on one’s legs, and it was so thoughtful of him to give Taemin insoles to help him and his military friends reduce their fatigue. We’re sure Taemin is super grateful for Key’s thoughtful gift!

See the full English subbed version of Taemin’s 30 Questions and 30 Answers interview below.


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