SHINee’s Key Prepared An “Army Enlistment Survival Pack” For Taemin And Here’s What’s In It

They are all tailored to the “idol” in him!

Everyone knows that SHINee‘s Key absolutely adores the maknae Taemin. Before sending Taemin off to the army, Key not only cooked him a gorgeous meal, but also prepared a survival kit for Taemin to bring to the army.

The meticulous set contained three very important items for soldiers.

1. Camo cream

Firstly, camo cream. Although camo cream is sold widely in the army shops itself, Key made sure to purchase the specially crafted ones from Innisfree.

| Innisfree

The camo creams from Innisfree are a must-have for every army man that cares about their skin. Not only is it less heavy on the skin, but it is also made with good ingredients such as tea tree leaf oil to help calm troubled and stressed skin. Key made sure Taemin was all stocked up with a few boxes.

2. Lip balm

He also gifted Taemin with lip balms with a very slight tint of red. An idol is an idol after all!

3. Insoles

Lastly, he gave Taemin some insoles for his feet. Not that Taemin needs to extra height, but these insoles are specially made with thick cushions. Army men need to march for long hours on end, and these insoles will make it a little more bearable.

Key made sure to pack three sets of insoles so Taemin could give them out to his new squadrants. During marching, one has to march in threes so Taemin has just enough to give out.

The two also recreated this photo back from their debut days. It seems like nothing has changed!

The baby cheese will be enlisting on May 31, 2021. We wish him all the best! Check out the loving clip below.


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