(★BREAKING) SHINee Key Shares Heartbreaking Farewell Message To Jonghyun

SHINee Key shares heartbreaking farewell message to Jonghyun.

SHINee’s Key just uploaded a handwritten letter to Instagram, his first message since Jonghyun‘s sudden death.

The letter addresses Jonghyun directly, and is written as a letter to him. He apologizes for being late to be by his side and promises to take care of Jonghyun’s family. The Instagram photo also has a ring placed onto of it.

The ring was given to Key by Jonghyun, for his birthday, as a friendship ring.


Key’s Translated Letter After Jonghyun’s Funeral

“Hyung, it’s me Kibum~ I saw your face yesterday and I sent you off today but I still can’t believe this happened.

I’m so sorry I was late coming to your side because I was busy doing something else and I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you as a brother through your loneliness.

You and I were the most stubborn people on the team so we always had our way and even to the end you decided when you were going to leave and acted on it all by yourself.

I hurt so much initially but spending the last three days with you and you alone, I think I’m beginning to understand why you did what you did.

Don’t worry about having left us behind and I will take care of your mom and your sister just like they were my own family.
I will miss you a lot , I’m worried now because the man who always supported my thoughts during meetings is now gone.

It was always me and you talking in all those meetings…I will try to get used to spending time without you and live better than I have until now.

When I grow old and we meet again, tell me I’ve done well too!
To the best artist, friend, hyung and colleague of my life, Jonghyun hyung, You did well. I love you so very much!”

— SHINee’s Key

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His letter was posted just hours after Jonghyun’s emotional and heartbreaking funeral, where thousands of his fans, friends, and family showed up. During the funeral, Key was seen visibly distraught and emotionally overwhelmed.

SHINee members were all present at his memorial service, funeral proceedings and burial as the head mourners.

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Watch Jonghyun’s Tribute Video Below:

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