SHINee’s Manager Nam Euisoo Really Misses His “Soulmate” Taemin, According To Key

We can’t wait for him to reunite with Taemin!

Although SHINee‘s Taemin often spills the tea on their manager, Nam Euisoo, during his live streams, Nam Euisoo really misses him!

SHINee’s Taemin | @lm___ltm/Instagram

SHINee’s Key recently went live on his way to the stadium for his solo concert, Beyond LIVE- KEY : GROKS IN THE KEYLAND, and Nam Euisoo was driving.

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Of course, it’s not surprising that Nam Euisoo was driving, as his laughter is heard in many of the SHINee members’ most chaotic live streams.


Taemin’s car live streams were particularly chaotic, and it looks like his manager misses laughing along with Taemin as much as everyone else does.


During his recent live stream, Key said that Nam Euisoo is lonely without Taemin. “He got so lonely without Taemin. He lost his soulmate to the army,” he said.

As usual, Nam Euisoo’s laugh could be heard in the background as Key revealed just how much he misses Taemin!

Shawols loved hearing just how much Nam Euisoo truly cares for Taemin.

We can’t wait for Taemin to reunite with his awesome manager and the SHINee members!