(★UPDATE) SHINee Members Will Be Leading Jonghyun’s Funeral Services

The SHINee members will be leading Jonghyun’s funeral services.

SHINee members Key, Onew, Minho and Taemin will take on the role of head mourners at Jonghyun‘s funeral.

Head mourners’ duties are to preside over the memorial as guests come to pay their respects to the deceased.

The male head of the deceased family usually takes on this role. However, Jonghyun is not close with his father and did not have another male relative to take on this role.

The closest male family he had were his SHINee brothers, who’ve been with him for over 10 years.

The members’ names were listed next to Jonghyun’s mother and sister at the memorial service. The service began at 12PM, and many close acquaintances have already come to pay their respects.

Many agencies, such as YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, have also sent flower bouquets as an offering of their condolences.

Source: YTN and Yonhap

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