Fans Hilariously Tell SHINee’s Minho To Stop Being So Like Himself When They Found Out What He Refused Early Military Discharge For

Living up to the name of “flaming charisma Minho”.

It was previously reported that SHINee‘s Minho had voluntarily given up 20 days of his leave and turned down early discharge from the army. Fans weren’t exactly surprised given his upright character and competitive spirit. But one fan went a step further and discovered what he would be doing during those 20 days.

| @rokmchq/Instagram

As Minho has already risen in the ranks, he will be helping to train new recruits. However, he will be undergoing what people call the toughest part of naval recruit training. The fan revealed that Minho would be undergoing “Country Defense Training” and living in a tent for 3 weeks.

According to research, he will have to live off battle rations for food and will have to repeatedly pack and set up the tent daily as they move from area to area. Fans are hilariously telling Minho to stop being so like himself as they express concern for his health.

  • “This is so like you, this is so Choi Minho…Just be healthy…”
  • “Why are you being like yourself kkkkkkk seems like he’s a passionate man”
  • “Minho-ya…(facepalm) It’s really so like you…so like you…get through discharge safe”
  • “You’re really cool Minho-ya but just why… No it’s amazing and just so like you but… I mean but… Fine, since it’s still soon, be healthy and don’t get hurt”
| @rokmchq/Instagram

Minho’s competitive spirit and dedication to whatever he does has always been the talk of town. He is known amongst fans and the public for not only being handsome but extremely hardworking. He is set to discharge on 20 November 2020.

Source: theqoo


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