SHINee’s Minho Lovingly Explains To A Little Girl Why The Group Has 4 Members

They are so good with kids.

The boys of SHINee recently made their comeback with “Don’t Call Me” and as a part of their promotions, they filmed a special video with the ODG studio.

SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” teaser photo | SM Entertainment

In the video, SHINee’s members sat down with each of the adorable kid-guests and talked about their K-Pop career. Ironically, Onew was the one who seemed a little star struck as he confessed to having watched ODG’s videos and felt like he was “watching a celebrity.”

“I feel like I’m watching a celebrity. I’ve watched this program before.” | ODG/YouTube

On the other side of things, Harang, who was paired up with Key had a slow, but steady “starstruck” moment when he realized that the man in front of him was someone he had seen on television.

| ODG/YouTube

Key: “Do you watch TV?”
Harang: “I do sometimes”
Key: “Do you know ‘Amazing Saturday?'”
Harang: “I do know it…Key?”
Key: “Yeah, I’m the ajusshi from the show!”
Harang: “Key…?”
Key: “Yeah! I’m the ajusshi that’s good at guessing the song lyrics.”
Harang: “Oh Key….!”
Key: “Do I look different in person than I do on the screen?”

Right before the video took off with its intended content, Onew and Minseo discussed their ages. It was here that the SHINee member got flustered when he realized he was old enough to be her dad.

“Age wise, am I like an uncle? Or am I like a dad?” | ODG/YouTube

To start off the segment, the kiddos were shown SHINee’s debut song, “Noona You’re So Pretty.” When Minho asked how Haeun liked it, this is how she responded.

“It sounds old.” | ODG/YouTube

Onew’s partner, Minseo responded in the same way about the group’s debut song, but she added her own sassy twist to her remark.

“It’s not old, it’s retro!” | ODG/YouTube

The trip down memory lane was only just beginning, as the SHINee members were then shown a video of their first music show win. Member Onew took the time to reminisce back on the group’s beginning days.

“I feel really weird. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this.” | ODG/YouTube

A few moments later, the boy group and their kid partners were shown “Ring Ding Dong.” It was here that Key explained to his partner why the hit song was forbidden by the South Korean SAT exam.

| ODG/YouTube

This song is so repetitive, that you keep hearing it in your head. They said that you should never listen to this song when you’re studying. It earned the nickname, ‘forbidden SAT song.’

— Key

SHINee has always been known for their daring concepts and funky styles for their different promotions. During their “Lucifer” promotions, Taemin had long, luscious locks, to which Junghoo couldn’t help but chuckle at! While they were watching Taemin perform “Lucifer,” Junghoo had many questions to ask him.

“Did you grow your hair out? Or was it a wig?” | ODG/YouTube

The ODG video had come to a heartbreaking moment when they were shone “Good Evening.” This was the first time that SHINee came back into the K-Pop scene as a 4 member group. Haeun noticed this immediately and asked Minho the question,

“How come one person is missing?” | ODG/YouTube

While the question may have been difficult to answer, Minho responded in the most loving way possible.

| ODG/YouTube

Minho: “His name is Jonghyun-i uncle. He was in some pain…”
Haeun: “Ohhhh…so he’s not a bad uncle then.”
Minho: “No, he’s not a bad uncle. He’s a really good uncle.”

Taemin also further explained to his kid-partner that this was the first time the group performed as 4 members.

“We poured in our heart in this album. This was the first performance we did as 4 members.” | ODG/YouTube

The SHINee members are such naturals with the kids. We loved seeing the hilarious and heartfelt interactions. You can watch the entire ODG video down below!