The Real Reason Why SHINee’s Minho Makes Damn Sure To Put A Full Stop Behind His Every Sentence

He woke up and chose violence.

If you’ve been a longtime follower of SHINee‘s Minho, you’d realize by now that he always puts a full stop at the end of every sentence. This is prevalent on both his Instagram and whenever he communicates with fans through Dear. U Bubble.

It might be understandable if he uses full stop as proper grammar behind a sentence, but the way he includes it even after emojis has made people go crazy. Possibly, the one most incensed at the behavior is none other than his Tom and Jerry counterpart, Key. Key was once so frustrated that he playfully pretended to be a dermatologist, offering to remove those pesky spots. In Korean, “full stop” and “mole” share the same word.

Hello. This is Key and Bum Skin Clinic. We will remove the spots on your posts for you. I estimate around ₩4,000 KRW (about $2.91 USD) per spot. Should we proceed with the removal?

— Key

Minho politely declined.

It’s okay. I’m good. Thank you.

— Minho

The real reason for the insanity was soon revealed when the pair went on Video Star. While he took some fun in the public guessing at the reason behind the full stops, the largest motivation was none other than Key’s frustration!

I started putting full stops at the end of emojis for fun. But people kept wondering about it. So it started being fun how people asked about it. And the best reaction ever came from Key.

— Minho


It’s so annoying how he keeps being stubborn about it because he knows that I really hate it.

— Key

They’re not called best friends for nothing! Who else would you have to annoy in the world?


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