SHINee’s Minho Just Got Out Of The Army But He’s Already Back To Bickering With Key

Welcome back!

SHINee‘s Minho just discharged from official military duties but he’s already back to his Tom and Jerry relationship with fellow member, Key. During his commemorative live stream, Minho revealed a hilarious anecdote about the group’s reunion backstage.

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The group had reunited at a music show to support Taemin‘s solo debut.

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According to Minho, Key had tried to get him kicked out due to him being in a military uniform!

Honestly, yesterday, I was discharged and I went to support Taemin at the music show. I missed them so much that I went straight over but Key said, “why did you wear your uniform?” and told people to kick me out. Of course I knew that if I wore the uniform, people would only be looking at me, so I didn’t want to wear it either. But logistically speaking, I have to travel from Pohang to Seoul and it takes 4 hours, plus I wanted to reach before the performance. Humans have to eat too right, so we left right after eating. To Key who said that, I’m really hurt! And, also! Before I entered the army, I told you to try to match the leave days so I can see you but you ignored my texts. I met up with all the other members except you! I missed you so I hugged you but you commented on the uniform – isn’t that too much? And saying you’re leaving the live stream because I talk about soccer? You need to reflect and look back on yourself. You need some time for reflection! They said you will reflect in the army but you didn’t! You need to re-enlist.

— Minho

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True to Minho’s complaints, Key had indeed left the live stream due to soccer talks. He even left a bantering post about it with the caption “I lost my senses at the soccer talk. I’m leaving first…

When asked why he ignored Minho’s messages, Key only had one thing to say.

I don’t know how to type.

— Key

We’re loving the chemistry between the 91ers! Fans have missed their bickering interactions. SHINee is now back as a group – stay tuned for more news about them!

Source: theqoo