SHINee’s Minho Flexes His Sold Out “Taemari & Ggung” Merch, And We’re All Jealous

Even though we’re jealous, we’re glad Minho got what he wanted!

SHINee‘s Minho has snagged the coveted Taemari & Ggung Taemari cushion, and Shawols everywhere are green with envy!

SHINee’s Minho | @taemscat/Twitter

Taemin created Taemari & Ggung merch of himself and his cat, Kkoong, before his military enlistment.  Taemin is represented by a chick, Taemari, and Kkoong is represented by Ggung, an animated cat that looks just like her. After waiting for a chance to get their hands on the merch, Shawols were thrilled when Taemin’s creations were finally available for purchase.

| @SHINee/Twitter

Unfortunately, many of the items sold out before some fans got a chance to buy them, including the Taemari cushion.

| SM Global Shop

Minho, however, snagged a Taemari cushion. He showed off the cute pillow in a photo sent to fans who are subscribed to his Dear. U Bubble messages.

Minho’s Taemari cushion | @pawstaem/Twitter

Although fans would love to have a Taemari cushion for themselves, they were thrilled to see Minho show his support for Taemin’s Taemari & Ggung creations.

Hopefully, the Taemari & Ggung merch will be restocked. If not, we hope Minho posts more photos of his adventures with his Taemari cushion, so we can live vicariously through him!