SHINee’s Taemin Creates Merch Of Himself And His Adorable Cat, And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

His creativity is unmatched!

After designing his own pajamas and creating a jewelry holder in the shape of his hand, SHINee‘s Taemin has created more amazingly unique merch for his fans!

SHINee’s Taemin | @lm_____ltm/Instagram

Recently, SM Entertainment opened an Instagram account for the brand TAEMARI & GGUNG, which presents fictionalized versions of Taemin and his cat, Kkoong. Taemin is represented by an adorable baby chick named Taemari and Kkoong is represented by an animated cat that looks just like her named Ggung.

| @taemggung/Instagram

TAEMARI & GGUNG once hinted that merch was coming via their Instagram story, and it looks like Taemin was the mastermind behind the cute merch!

| SHINee/YouTube

In the making film for the TAEMARI & GGUNG merch, Taemin revealed that he created the merchandise for fans so they can be reminded of him. “I made it because I wished that it reminds you a bit more about me,” he said.

He planned everything out and made sure each piece included details that will remind fans of him. “From the facial shape, design, and facial expression, I planned everything out. It has my signature details hidden in each part,” he said.

The making film included footage from the first concept meeting for the merch that made it abundantly clear how much thought Taemin put into the TAEMARI & GGUNG brand. He wants to create items with many different uses, and he presented many ideas to the staff, like a Spider-Cat version of Ggung, a sleeping version of Ggung, and a pretty Ggung plush. He even proposed the idea of making a Ggung plush that plays a recording of Kkoong’s meow!

When the staff presented drafts of Taemin’s ideas to him, he was thrilled. “Oh cute, it’s cute already,” he said.

Detail-oriented king that he is, Taemin took out his phone to compare the drawings to pictures of Kkoong in order to see how accurately the drawings portrayed his cat. He loved that the staff included Kkoong’s mole in the drawings, and he reworked the drawings to make sure Kkoong’s mole was in exactly the right place.

We can’t wait to see Taemin’s vision come to life, and we’ll definitely be stocking up on TAEMARI & GGONG products once they’re released!

Check out the full making film below.