SHINee’s Taemin And His Pet Cat Kkoong Now Have Their Own Brand Together, And It’s Too Cute

We need plushes of them ASAP!

Shawols know the pets of SHINee very well and love them. Taemin‘s cat Kkoong or “Kkoongie” is well-loved not just by Taemin himself but all of us. Low-key, she’s all of our bias.

SHINee’s Taemin with his cat Kkoong. | SHINee/VLIVE

While we’re desperately missing Taemin’s live broadcasts with her, SM Entertainment has heard our cries. The company has officially opened a new Instagram account to share animated, fictionalized versions of the iconic duo.

It focuses on the animated Kkoong’s adventures with a cartoon bird version of Taemin called “TAEMARI.” Taemin’s official color is yellow, and his representative emojis are the chick and cheese, so it seems fitting that he would be portrayed as a cute yellow bird!

| @taemggung/Instagram

Of course, his best friend is Kkoong, or “GGUNG.” She looks just like her real-life counterpart!

| @taemggung/Instagram

While Taemin’s Instagram account is the only one followed by TAEMGGUNG, SHINee has started following them!

| @shinee/Instagram

Since the account just opened, there are not many adventures shared yet. From the looks of it, TAEMARI and GGUNG like to lounge together at home, eating “baby cheese,” a reference that Shawols understand.

We’ve also got a look at their home, which appears to be near SM Entertainment. Like true besties, they have matching outfits and polaroids together.

Their most recent adventure is an evening picnic. They celebrated Korean Thanksgiving Chuseok (Autumn Eve), eating Songpyeon (traditional Korean half-moon-shaped small rice cakes).

We can’t wait for more of TAEMARI and GGUNG’s adventures together and are so glad to be included! We hope that this account will grow further and will ultimately become a brand with lots of cute merchandise! Who else needs plushies of the characters? ✋ They have hinted at it themselves with a post to Instagram Stories.

| @taemggung/Instagram

Check out cute moments of Taemin and Kkoong’s cute relationship below:

SHINee’s Taemin And His Cat Have A New Instagram Account, So Here Are 7 Of Their Cutest Moments

Source: @taemggung