SHINee To Release Their New Song, “Atlantis”, Through Beyond The LIVE Online Concert

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SHINee‘s back, everyone! Not only will the veteran group be coming back with a repackaged album complete with new title tracks, they will be hosting a live streaming concert. SHINee’s installation of the SM Entertainment Beyond The LIVE stream concerts will be hosted on March 4, 2021 at 3pm KST.

Not only will they be performing their hit songs, SHINee will also be debuting their upcoming title track, “Atlantis” on the show. Their 7th full length album, Don’t Call Me, will be repackaged as Atlantis. The album will drop a week later on April 12, 2021.

| SM Entertainment

This means that fans who purchase tickets and tune in to the online concert will have a chance to listen to their song an entire week before it officially gets released on music sites.

As always, Beyond The LIVE concert tickets can be purchased directly on the Naver VLIVE app as well as through SM Entertainment’s official retailers. The concert promises the use of high-quality AR and XR effects as well as 3D graphics, to entertain fans.

Source: Star Today