SHINee Taemin’s Fans Sell Out 1000 Boxes Of Chives Just So He Could Win A Present

What Taemin wants, Taemin gets.

SHINee‘s Taemin recently guested on Delicious Rendezvous. During the show, he was tasked by celebrity chef Baek Jong Won to sell out 1000 boxes of chives. He was motivated by the special gift that was promised to him if they were sold out within 30 minutes.

Not only did he send out a personal message on Dear. U Bubble, he also made sure to post his request in the Lysn Fan Cafe.


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I know it’s shameless of me to come here for this after so long but can you please buy lots of chives later on? Baek Jong Won chef said he would give me a present if I sell it out in 30 minutes…

— Taemin

| @k923b/Twitter

Shawols went above and beyond for him however – they achieved it in a mere 30 seconds! Baek Jong Won and the rest of the cast were rightfully shocked at the power of his fans.

Taemin made sure to share some delicious recipes one can cook up with chives, including pajeon, a traditional Korean pancake.

He also threw in some fan service, dancing his hit song “Move” while holding a bunch of chives.

Many fans began to upload proof shots of their purchases online.

| @_intotheheaven/Twitter

One fan pointed out Taemin’s differing attitude when it comes to fans purchasing his albums and chives.

Lee Taemin kekekeke

His own album: I’m worried about everyone. Just buy delicious foods to eat.

Chives: It’s shameless but please make it sell out in 30 minutes.

kekekekekekekekekeke cute

— Shawol


Maknae on top indeed! Shawols need not worry – not only did they make Taemin happy, they also did a good deed. The profits for the sales will be going back to helping farmers with their crops. We hear chives are also good for health!