(★UPDATE) SHINee’s Key Seen Overwhelmed With Emotion At Jonghyun’s Memorial

As Key arrived, he was overcome with grief and sorrow.

SHINee’s Key was spotted Jonghyun’s memorial service looking extremely emotional and distraught.

This is the second day of Jonghyun’s memorial service, which was held openly for fans to attend as well.

Key, and the remaining SHINee members, are acting as Jonghyun’s “head mourners”. They will remain at the hospital, with Jonghyun’s body (where the memorial is taking place) for 3 full days.

Thankfully, Key was able to take his position as head mourner, despite being in Lisbon, Portugal when he found out about Jonghyun’s death.

He immediately flew back to Korea, on a 15 hour flight, and made it in time to mourn for his lost brother.

Jonghyun’s funeral will be held on December 21, with the SHINee members all together with his family.


The funeral and burial site will not be made public, according to a new statement by SM Entertainment.

“According to the wishes of the family, the funeral will be held with family, friends and colleagues quietly. He was moved into the casket in the early morning of the 20th and the location of the burial site will not be made public.”

— SM Entertainment

Source: News 1

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