K-Netizens Shocked At How First Generation Top-Tier Idol Is “Rapidly Ageing” In Recent Update

He’s 44 years old now.

Shinhwa‘s Eric was one of the most legendary idols of his time. He was known as a visual idol of the first generation, shooting to fame for his suave looks and exotic, deep-set features.

Eric in his 30s. | Amino

In fact, he was absolutely gorgeous when the group first debuted in 1998.

| Topstar News

Later on, when the group stopped being active, he moved into acting. Most famously, he starred in Spy Myungwol and Another Miss Oh.

With his last drama being in 2020 and the recent birth of his son in 2023, Eric has stayed out of the spotlight for awhile. In a recent photo, fans got an update about him for the first time since May 2023. That was when he last updated his personal Instagram. Compared to him in 2020, he looked more tired, with facial hair growing steadily.

Left: Eric in 2020. Right: Eric now.

Fans weren’t surprised. After all, he’s in his mid-forties!

Netizen comments. | Nate News
  • When he gets paid, he’ll return back to his form. It won’t take even a month.
  • Just who is worrying about who? How interesting LOL.
  • Right now, he’s not active, and he’s probably busy taking care of his child. So what about this?
  • When you get married and give birth, it only takes a moment for you to age rapidly. It gets better when time passes.
  • Top-tier celebrities return to their form after a few months of management.
  • He’s just probably the type to age fast, I guess.
  • Everyone gets more handsome when they lose weight.

Eric married actress Na Hye Mi in 2017. They gave birth to a son in early 2023.

Source: Nate