Shinhwa’s Hyesung Presents Conflicting Statements With The Stolen Car Owner In His Drunk Driving Case

The two parties gave conflicting statements.

First-generation idol Shinhwa‘s Hyesung was recently arrested for drunk driving in a stolen vehicle. According to media reports, he had refused a breathalyzer test after being stopped by the police. His label, LiveWorks Company, explained in a statement that while he had been under the influence, the car was not intentionally stolen.

Shin Hyesung had a meeting with acquaintances at a restaurant in Gangnam around 11 PM KST on October 10 and stopped on the road and fell asleep after receiving car keys from the restaurant valet parking staff. He was arrested for refusing to take a breathalyzer test by the police.

There is no excuse for his behavior as he was driving under the influence in a vehicle that he didn’t even know was not his vehicle.

— LiveWorks Company

It was later updated that both Hyesung and the owner of the car had provided conflicting statements to the police. Hyesung had claimed that he had simply left with the car and the key had been given to him by the restaurant. He had mistaken it for his car and driven off.

On the other hand, it was retorted by the opposition that they had never provided Hyesung with the keys. Furthermore, the car that had been stolen and Hyesung’s own car are different models, making it hard for it to have been mistaken. There was also no valet working at the restaurant at that hour.

The case will be further investigated with checks made to the CCTV.

Source: YTN
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