Taiwanese Singer Show Lo Clarifies Worries About Plagiarizing BLACKPINK’s Lisa

From the hair to the outfit, even the background.

Famous singer Show Lo recently launched an alter ego, Beauty Lo. The alter ego has him in a wig and feminine clothing. Beauty Lo will soon be making a comeback on October 27, 2022. A concept photo was released, where Beauty poses on a motorcycle in front of some Thai storefronts.

What sparked concern was his similar styling to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa in “Money.” From the sporty jacket to the red pants and even her signature pigtails, Beauty looked as if he had modeled his outfit and concept after Lisa.

Beauty Lo on the left, and Lisa on the right.

A concerned fan turned to his DMs to warn him about the potential trouble he could face.

  • “Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! Let me tell you something.”
  • “Lisa’s fans saw the clothes worn by Beauty Lo, and they say the entire get-up was copied from Lisa.”
  • “Did something go wrong, or are you paying homage to her?”

The fan got worried and asked him to “look at the message” because they were nervous.

Show Lo quickly cleared up the misunderstanding and responded that it was indeed a homage. With how similar the look was, Show had thought it was apparent that it was a homage.

  • “It’s a homage.”
  • “It’s so obvious.”
  • “Haha”

The matter was clarified before things escalated, and fans were appeased to know that he had intentionally been paying homage to Lisa rather than plagiarizing her precious debut solo.

Source: 鏡新聞


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