An Unexpected Show Is Easily Surpassing The Ratings Of K-Dramas And News Programs

The nation loves it!

There’s a reality show that’s trendier than most K-Dramas and more famous than even news programs.

Fu Bao, the first panda ever born in South Korea, is taking over the national household ratings on television.

The three-year old giant panda is enamoring South Korea with his cute charms which are being showcased on the SBS program Fu Bao and Grandpa.

“Grandpa” refers to her caretaker at EverlandKang Chul Won, who is affectionately called “Fu Bao’s Grandfather” by Koreans. Together, camera crews record their everyday antics at the zoo.

Fu Bao and Grandpa was so successful that it reached a rating of 4.1% on November 23 based on an analysis of households from 13 regions across South Korea. According to Nielsen Korea, it was tied at 11th place alongside MBC‘s Real Story Exploration Team and KBS‘ Live Info Show.

It beat numerous other K-Dramas and news programs such as SBS’ Thursday show The Killing Vote which aired at the same time. It also surpassed KBS News 7, KBS News (09:30), SBS’ Morning Wide Part 3, and KBS’ Ask Me Anything (Knowing Bros).


Learn more about the adorable panda below!

The First Panda Born In South Korea Is So Famous, She Even Has Her Own Dedicated Fansite

Source: theqoo and Nielsen