The First Panda Born In South Korea Is So Famous, She Even Has Her Own Dedicated Fansite

A new star is in town ⭐

There is a new influencer taking South Korea by storm!

Fu Bao is the first ever panda to be born on Korean soil. Only two years have passed since her birth and yet she is already popular all around the country and beyond.

She currently lives in Everland’s zoo in the Panda World exhibition alongside her mother, Ai Bao, and father, Le Bao.

As further evidence of her popularity in Korea, Fu Bao even has a fansite just like K-Pop stars! Instagram and YouTube account @fubao_012486 is dedicated to capturing as many moments as they can with the panda.

Just like how K-Pop fansites follow their idols to a variety of schedules…

…@fubao_012486 also visits Everland often to do the same.

Like a true fan, they even post fun shots of the celebrity. One of them was Fu Bao seemingly getting stuck between two large tree trunks.

Another was when she showed off her flexibility on a wooden hammock right before plopping down like nothing happened.

Ninja Fu Bao was another fan favorite post on the account.

Unlike other fansites, however, the panda-focused one has significantly more photos related to food. Fu Bao can’t seem to stop nibbling on vegetables and bamboo.

Her fansite also isn’t shy to post pictures that highlight her thicc body.

And of course, unlike K-Pop fansites, Fu Bao’s does not capture her working. Rather, the panda’s play time is what is recorded—and loved—the most.

With how cute Fu Bao is, it’s no wonder she amassed loyal fans already!

Source: Instagram

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