Simon D Reveals His Outlook On Money Shifted Following An Important Life Change

His reason is absolutely adorable.

Rapper Simon Dominic has greeted his fans on the newest episode of I Live Alone.

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Simon Dominic, or more commonly known was Simon D has graced his fans with an appearance on I Live Alone. The rapper was featured on the most recent episode of the variety program and while it has been a hot minute since his last appearance, he did not appear alone.

Simon D came onto the show to brag about his adorable niece and how his world completely shifted after she was born. Before his niece entered his life, the rapper admitted that his perspective on money and work was the same as everyone else’s.


My life’s original motto was ‘work less, but make a lot of money.’

— Simon D

The rapper shared that after his adorable niece Chae On was born, however, his outlook on life and money changed dramatically.


After Chae-Chae (Chae On’s nickname) was born, I decided that I want to work a lot and make even more money.

— Simon D

He further shared that for his niece, he could do everything for her and that he wanted to do more for her.

“I want to do more for Chae Chae.” | MBC

He continued by sharing that everything she wants, he wants to get for her.

“Whatever she wants to do, whatever she wants to have…” | MBC

Throughout the duration of the episode, the rapper continued to reiterate that it is because of his niece that he wants to work even harder.

“It’s because of her that I’ve been living and working hard.” | MBC

Ever since the premiere of Simon D’s episode, Chae Chae has been stealing the hearts of viewers with her adorable visuals at her young age. Her aegyo (cuteness) fully captivated all the viewers of I Live Alone, as well as the panel of the show. We think it’s safe to say that we all understand why Simon D is head over heels for his niece.

You can watch clips of Simon D with his niece on the latest episode of I Live Alone down below!

Source: theqoo and Image
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