SinB, Umji, And Eunha Are Adorably Respectful Of Their New “Sunbaes” When Creating Their VIVIZ Greeting

They’re so considerate of all their “seniors.”

GFRIEND‘s SinBUmji, and Eunha are preparing to re-debut as new girl group VIVIZ. With new groups come many exciting features such as new fandom names, new concepts, and new greetings. When planning out their group greeting, SinB, Umji, and Eunha proved how respectful rookies they intend to be.

VIVIZ | Big Planet Made Entertainment

During their first VLIVE stream as VIVIZ, the girls were tasked by their company with creating their greeting and hand-sign.

SinB explained that the company had suggested the group could do something involving the “VVZ” in their name, but she quickly noticed an issue with this.

It’s like ITZY sunbae who does that,” she said when describing why the “Z” shaped hand gesture wouldn’t work.

ITZY has been using the “Z” in their greeting since debut. The group’s greeting consists of their motto, “all in us,” and moving both hands to create the “Z” shape.

The group even joked around that it was lucky they caught the gesture before they did it because “it’s plagiarism,” and they “would have gotten in trouble.” 

Twitter users have fallen in love with this live stream moment. Even though the trio had previously debuted almost seven years ago, their respect for their seniors as “rookies” has touched fans’ hearts.

We wish VIVIZ the best of luck in coming up with their greeting and on their upcoming debut!