Singer Peder Elias Reveals The Instagram DM He Received From ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

He also updated people about their current interactions.

In November last year, ASTRO member Cha Eunwoo surprised fans by collaborating with Norwegian artist Peder Elias. The duo performed a beautiful cover of the latter’s original song, “Bonfire.”

In addition to the cover, a behind-the-scenes video was also posted on Eunwoo’s YouTube channel, where he mentioned how much he loves Elias’s music.

But the singer also revealed that he had sent Elias a DM months ago and never got a reply.

More than half a year after that collaboration, Peder Elias shared the story of how he finally ended up connecting with Eunwoo and working with him for the collab! The singer posted a TikTok where he revealed that the common link between the two of them was his manager. Elias’s manager also frequently works with K-Pop songwriters, and while he was in South Korea last fall for a concert, she was working with some of them on a song for ASTRO.

While talking to ASTRO’s team, Elias’s manager mentioned that she was managing him, and was told that Eunwoo is a big fan of the artist. ASTRO’s team also told the manager that Eunwoo had sent Elias a DM on Instagram but hadn’t received a reply.

Elias said that this lack of response was unintentional. “I don’t know how I missed his message,” he explained, “Cause he is by far the one with the most followers DM-ing me, but somehow I didn’t see it.

The singer also revealed a screenshot of Eunwoo’s DM, and fans can’t get over how cute he was in his approach.

| @pedreelias/TikTok

In the end, the two singers’ teams were able to arrange a meeting, and they also collaborated on the cover. Elias mentioned that Eunwoo was a “great guy” to hang out with and that after meeting him face-to-face, he realized why he has such a loving fan following. He even found his shyness pretty cute. Finally, he revealed that they still keep in touch and are planning to meet again when Elias goes to Korea the next time.

Source: TikTok


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