Netizens Fed Up With Chart Manipulation As Another Singer-Songwriter Tops Major Music Charts

“This is 100% chart manipulation.”

Indie singer-songwriter Woody has topped major Korean music charts and netizens presume that it is another case of chart manipulation.


Woody’s “Fire Up” ranked No.1 on the Melon Chart at 4:00 pm January 30 (KST).


The song, which was ranked No.11 on January 29, hit No.6 at midnight and slowly worked its way up to No.1. The song had also ranked No.1 on the Bugs, Genie, Olleh and Mnet music charts the previous day.


Woody is an artist who debuted as a member of the boy group N-Train in 2011. Currently, he is a singer-songwriter managed under Indian Label.


In response to the achievement Woody’s new song has been making, Indian Label expressed their happiness for the artist who has been consistent with his music and asked everyone for their interest and support.

Woody consistently continued his music without losing hope even during the long period of obscurity after his debut. We are very happy to see the spotlight finally begin to shine on him through his new song “Fire Up.” We ask for your great support and interest in Woody, who will continue to grow into a reliable singer-songwriter.

ㅡ Indian Label


Meanwhile, netizens have been quick to assume that this was another case of chart manipulation.

  • “This is 100% chart manipulation. Reaching No.1 in 7 days is ridiculous no matter what chart it is.”
  • “That’s enough with the chart manipulation.”
  • “Just get rid of real-time charts already. I can’t even trust Melon anymore because of chart manipulations.”
  • “The song is shit. Why’s it at No.1?”
  • “Let’s please stop manipulation. Until when must we just sit around and be victims to this?”


This is because a few indie artists have been in the spotlight for alleged chart manipulations in the past year. It began when the artist Nilo suddenly rose to the top of the charts, beating EXO-CBX and BIGBANG.

Everyone’s Talking About This Obscure Indie Artist Beating EXO-CBX and BIGBANG In The Charts


Shortly after, a singer named Shaun rose to the top of the charts even faster than Nilo, surpassing BLACKPINK and TWICE. By then, netizens were convinced that both artists had used chart manipulation to make their achievements.

Meet Shaun, The Singer Rising On The Charts Faster Than Nilo


While the accusations of these artists have not been proven, factories that were set up specifically for chart manipulation were uncovered in China and proved that the operations did exist.

Korean Media Outlet Exposes Chinese “Sajaegi” Factory


MBLAQ‘s G.O. also supported the reports with first-hand stories of these chart manipulation brokers and famous celebrities who used them.

G.O. Reveals That The K-Pop Industry Does Indeed Manipulate Charts


Some netizens have been expressing that Woody’s song was a great song and that it may not have been chart manipulation afterall.

  • “This song is so good…”
  • “But the song is pretty good.”
  • “The song is really good. It’s a lot better than a bunch of kids who can’t sing and call themselves idols.”
  • “Are you sure it’s chart manipulation? The song is good. I’ve been listening to it since it was in the 10’s. Not sure if it’s No.1 worthy but…”
Source: Dispatch and Naver