Single Inferno’s Moon Se Hoon And Shin Ji Yeon Unfollow One Another On Instagram

“All hot things eventually sizzle out..”

Netflix’s dating shows Single’s Inferno was a global phenomenon.

The dating show’s incredibly good-looking contestants propelled the show and its contestants to internet stardom.

Amid all of the show’s muscle and tanning lotion, four couples were born: Oh Jin Taek and Kang So Yeon

Oh Jin Taek | @timelessbruno/Instagram

Song Ji A and Kim Hyeon Joong

Kim Hyun Joong | Money Today

Kim Jun Sik and An Yea Won

Kim Jun Sik (left) and An Yea Won (right) | Netflix

And Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon.

Moon Se Hoon (left) and Shin Ji Yeon (right) | Netflix

After the show, it was revealed that couples Song Ji A – Kim Hyeon Joong and Kim Jun Sik – An Yea Won decided to remain friends.

Oh Jin Taek and Kang So Yeon were rumored to be together after being caught playing tennis together, and a few Instagram posts hinted at the couple’s relationship.

Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon were also thought to be dating, as the couple coyly hinted at their relationship in a YouTube video for Shin Ji Yeon’s YouTube channel.

Shin Ji Yeon and Moon Se Hoon. | @신지연 SHIN JIYEON/YouTube

In the video, Shin Ji Yeon asks Moon Se Hoon, “Did you think you would find someone that you really liked?” To which Moon Se Hoon’s responded by hinting that the two had furthered their relationship.

It’s funny that you’re asking me that. Are you asking me why I liked you?

— Moon Se Hoon

Unfortunately for fans, it seems true that all hot things eventually sizzle out.

It has been reported that Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon no longer follow one another on Instagram. The two had previously followed one another.

The sudden changes in their social media accounts are leading fans to believe that the couple is no longer together. It is worth mentioning that Shin Ji Yeon is still following Moon Se Hoon’s close friend and dating show Heart Signal 3 contestant Kim Kang Yul.

What are your thoughts? Which couple was your favorite on the show?

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