Netizens Believe “Single’s Inferno” Contestant Jin Taek Just Confirmed He’s Still Dating So Yeon

Is another OTP ready to set sail?

Although Netflix‘s show Single’s Inferno finished last month, it seems as if the show is still taking over the world. After the finale, the contestants have continued to showcase their rising fame, and it isn’t surprising to see why.

When the show first started, viewers worldwide couldn’t get enough of the Korean reality show that tried to help attractive contestants fall in love. It was a dramatic journey for many, and netizens loved being along for the ride.

“Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

Although it’s over, fans still have many questions, and one of the big ones is whether any of the couples are still together. In the past few weeks, An Yea Won made netizens cry after admitting that she and Kim Jun Sik were just friends

| An Yea Won/ YouTube

But then Moon Se Hoon turned that frown upside down by basically admitting that he was still dating Shin Ji Yeon!

| 고몽/ YouTube

Well, it seems like another contestant has basically just admitted that they are still dating someone, and it’s none other than Oh Jin Taek! Jin Taek and Kang So Yeon had a roller coaster journey during their time on the show…

In the first episode, the two caught the attention for their instant chemistry. Jin Taek even explained that he didn’t want to go to “paradise,” which is the hotel away from the island, with anyone else.

Oh Jin Taek (left) and Kang So Yeon (right) | Netflix

Yet, despite all the issues and accusations of Jin Taek not being loyal, the two left the island hand in hand with netizens thinking they were the strongest contenders to stay together.

| Netflix

Well, it seems like viewers’ initial thoughts couldn’t be more right. Jin Taek recently sat down in an interview with fashion and beauty vlogger Sunny Dahye (SunnydahyeIn) to discuss everything from how he got onto the show, his experiences while on the island, and everything that happened after.

The hints that he might still be dating So Yeon started from the very beginning of the video. He was asked, “Who do you like from the Single’s Inferno cast more if you meet outside?” She seemed to be asking about the fact that many of the contestants have met up outside the show and shared their interactions.

Yet, although fans haven’t been treated to any public meetings between Jin Taek and So Yeon, it seems like that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jin Taek replied, “Maybe So Yeon? Yeah,” and even Sunny seemed to blush from the way he said it.

Because my feelings for So Yeon were sincere from the beginning. Even if its outside the island, I would choose So Yeon.

— Jin Taek

Of course, that wasn’t enough for netizens and just seemed too vague. For all we know, he could’ve met with all the female contestants and just said So Yeon because it made sense.

Luckily, Sunny was there to make sure netizens’ questions were answered as she asked bluntly, “Are you dating Kang So Yeon?

Unsurprisingly, Jin Taek revealed that he was also constantly receiving this question. Despite this, he seemed quite vague in his answer, but it was enough to confirm that he was still dating So Yeon to netizens.

So many people ask me the same question. Kang So Yeon is someone I always wanted to meet.

— Jin Taek

On Reddit, the video was shared, and immediately netizens wanted to know whether it was proof that the two were dating. It seems as if many think so and shared that it was probably as close to a confirmation as we’d get.

Yet, another reason why it seems more reasonable is the proof fans found that the two are dating. Whether it was a (now deleted) video on So Yeon’s YouTube channel showcasing her trip to Jeju last month, Jin Taek seemed to be with her because a figure that looked a lot like him was spotted in the background shot…

| Kang SoYeon/ YouTube

Or playing tennis together in the same place. The evidence seemed undeniable, and now it just seems more than pure coincidence.

Hopefully, someone gives us more of a solid confirmation but, until then, this will have to do because it is definitely enough proof to confirm it. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: SunnydahyeIn

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