Netizens Believe “Single’s Inferno” Contestant Se Hoon Just Confirmed He’s Still Dating Ji Yeon

Did Se Hoon spill the tea?

Netflix‘s new show Single’s Inferno took over the world when it started airing at the end of last year. Viewers worldwide couldn’t get enough of the Korean reality show that tried to help attractive contestants fall in love. It was a dramatic journey for many, and netizens loved being along for the ride.

The “Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

Although it’s over, fans still have many questions, and one of the big ones is whether any of the couples are still together. Netizens believe Oh Jin Taek and Kang So Yeon are still dating while An Yea Won revealed she and OTP Kim Jun Sik were just friends

Jin Taek (left) and So Yeon (right) | Netflix

Yet, one couple who fans were mixed on during the show but have now been rooting for is none other than Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon. The duo had a huge rollercoaster journey throughout the series.

Moon Se Hoon (left) and Shin Ji Yeon (right) | Netflix

The two initially hit it off before Ji Yeon seemed to cool off on Se Hoon. In particular, Se Hoon gained a lot of criticism for his apparent “obsessive” behavior as he kept trying to pursue Ji Yeon to the point where viewers felt uncomfortable.

Yet, in the final episodes, the two seemed to get closer again as they were honest about their feelings and found that they had more in common than expected.

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Se Hoon recently appeared in an in-depth interview. He shared all of his experiences, including what’s changed since he left the island, the perceptions of his attitude, and more.

| 고몽/ YouTube 

Unsurprisingly, even before the English subtitles were released, there was only one thing netizens wanted to hear about, and it was Jiyeon. Throughout the video, Se Hoon spoke a lot about his fellow contestant, including one of the final scenes when they went out for dinner.

| 고몽/ YouTube 

Se Hoon loved the scene as much as netizens and even explained that before the scene, he’d asked Jiyeon what she was wearing and tried to match his outfit to hers.

I think I watched it like ten thousand times. The ice melted between us in that scene. Jiyeon was also very pretty in that scene, she was really pretty.

— Se Hoon

| 고몽/ YouTube 

Yet, despite all this talk of Jiyeon that seemed like more than enough proof that they’re dating, one clip really stuck out to netizens. At one point, the interviewer said to Se Hoon, “Your future wife would be watching the program. What do you think would happen?

| 고몽/ YouTube 

No matter what reality show, there is always a worry that those in the future might judge contestants.

Se Hoon didn’t seem worried by it, explaining that he would let them watch it, but the explanation he said he would give to his children made netizens think he might still be in a relationship with Jiyeon.

I would… ‘Dad! Mom is there.’ That could happen, right? Is this right? I’m saying everything today.

— Se Hoon

| 고몽/ YouTube 

Even after realizing he might have put his foot in it, he couldn’t stop gushing about Ji Yeon, describing her as beautiful and very worthy, and even comparing her to a “crystal wine glass.”

| 고몽/ YouTube 

Of course, when the video was released, fans couldn’t get over how much Se Hoon was praising Jiyeon and sharing some of their best moments together.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Se Hoon and Ji Yeon have sparked rumors that they’re still dating. From posting similar Instagram stories…

| @moonofsh (left) and @jiiiyeonie__ (left) / Instagram

To both sharing images of gifts that they’d received from the brand Alexander McQueen. Although it isn’t surprising considering their rising fame, the fact it was from the same brand and posted it almost simultaneously made people curious.

Although neither has confirmed if they are still dating, it seems like the evidence is undeniable at this point. Hopefully, someone will give confirmation at some point.

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