A “Single’s Inferno 2” Couple Might Be Official After Being Seen On A Date Together

Netizens couldn’t contain their excitement seeing the pictures!

After weeks of watching Korean singletons try and find love, the latest series of Single’s Inferno 2 finally came to an end. It also means that netizens are out to find out what happened to the couples and if any of them managed to survive the outside world.

One of the most underrated relationships that were truly adorable and consistent AF was the bond between Jo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun.

Contestant Jo Yoong Jae | Netflix
Contestant Choi Seo Eun | Netflix

Although they weren’t the couple everyone was talking about, they continuously impressed fans as their relationship grew and they provided some of the cutest moments.

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So, when they finally left the island together, everyone was happy to see them walk off hand in hand.

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Fortunately for viewers, Seo Eun and Yoong Jae’s recent social media activity seems to indicate that the couple is still together. After the release of the season finale, both Seo Eun and Yoong Jae shared the same Instagram story of their last night in Paradise.

Seo Eun and Yoong Jae’s same Instagram stories | thecinemaholic.com

During a special video after the show finished, Seo Eun revealed that her favorite color is blue…

| The Swoon/YouTube

And it made netizens even softer when both Seo Eun and Yoong Jae were seen using blue heart emojis in their Instagram posts.

Well, it seems like there might be some more concrete proof that the two are still together, showcasing that love can be created on “Inferno.”

On social media, several K-netizens shared pictures of the happy couple out and about together. One fan who met the couple on the streets took a picture with the happy couple, and they both seemed truly happy as they posed for a picture.

When the picture was posted online, netizens couldn’t get over just how sweet they looked together. It didn’t seem like either of them was wearing makeup, showing how comfortable they were around each other.

If that wasn’t enough, other netizens also shared images of the two on romantic “dates” with each other. Whether it was out and about, representing Yoong Jae’s job with his umbrella, or on a cute coffee date, it seriously melted the hearts of netizens.

Although it could’ve been anyone, the two were wearing the same items of clothing, including Seo Eun’s grey bucket hat.

When the images and clips were posted, netizens couldn’t believe how cute the duo was being. Although they were never at the forefront of the show, fans always loved seeing their relationship bloom throughout the show.

Unlike many series, it seems like all the couples that left the island together have stayed together, showcasing their relationship even after the show ended.

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