“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Se Jun Reveals His First “Couple Photos” With Lee So E On Instagram

Even the captions are enough to make it official, right?

Single’s Inferno 2 might have ended, but it’s only the beginning for the contestants. Netizens are now waiting to see if any of them confirm their relationship status.

Of course, out of all the contestants, it was Kim Se Jun and Lee So E who quickly became everyone’s OTP.

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While So E initially seemed unlucky in love, Se Jun’s appearance changed that completely and he seemed smitten with her from the moment he arrived.

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Throughout the series, although it was subtle, Se Jun found any way to show off his admiration for So E.

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Even when she went to “Paradise” with Kim Han Bin, he understood her reasoning and still couldn’t hide his feelings from the rest of the contestants, confidently sharing how much he liked So E.

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After the adorableness of the duo on the show, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when social media activity seemingly showed they were still together. Whether it was Se Jun calling So E’s childhood photos cute…

Or So E keeping her promise and visiting Se Jun’s workplace, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

If that wasn’t enough proof that the two are still dating, Se Jun’s recent Instagram post has sent the internet into meltdown. While all many of the other contestants have shared photos of the cast, Se Jun’s posts have mainly consisted of work photos.

Well, not anymore!

On January 12, Kim Se Jun sent the internet into a meltdown when his first posts with anyone from the show were actually “couple photos” with Lee So E.

In the photos, Se Jun and So E look absolutely adorable together, and from their expressions and body language, it’s hard to believe that they’re anything but a couple. They seem so comfortable around each other. His post is the first sign that there is a future for the couple or for any of the couples from the show.

| @asser__kim/Instagram
| @asser__kim/Instagram

If the photos weren’t cute enough, the caption really melted the hearts of netizens. Along with the adorable pictures, Se Jun wrote, “Please show a lot of love to So E~ She’s a very kind kid. Please give her your love.”

Less than an hour after the photos were posted, So E replied to the picture, “What’s up with this comment? LOL.”

As soon as the photos were posted, they gained thousands of likes. The comments were full of fans basically losing their minds about how cute the photos are and seeing their OTP being public.

In a photo posted by his friend at work, even he seemed to tease their relationship.

While Se Jun was unsurprisingly being bold about his relationship with So E, it will be interesting to see how she reacts or whether any of the other contestants are so bold about what happened when the show finished.

You can read more hints that So E and Se Jun are still dating below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestants Lee So E And Kim Se Jun’s Recent Activities Might Have Revealed The Couple’s Future

Source: @asser__kim/Instagram

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