Unaired “Single’s Inferno 2” Clip Shows Contestant Kim Han Bin Revealing The Personal Meaning Behind His Tattoo To Lee So E

Netizens also praised the authentic talk about their past relationships!

Single’s Inferno 2 might be coming to an end, but netizens have become hooked on the newest set of contestants, all looking to find love on the island.

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Two of the fan favorites have to be Kim Han Bin and Lee So E.

Contestant Kim Han Bin | Netflix
Contestant Lee So E | Netflix

In the past episode, netizens were shocked when So E picked Han Bin instead of Se Jun to go to “Paradise” with her.

Yet, the reasoning made sense as she wanted to go with someone she was friends with while her emotions felt confused. Well, it seems like So E made the perfect decision, as a recent unseen clip showcases just how close the two are as friends.

In a clip posted online, Lee So E is watching Han Bin while he is swimming outside their hotel room. Rather than any awkwardness, the two seemed comfortable in each other’s company.

Of course, even though there are no romantic feelings, So E used the time to get to know Han Bin a bit more. One of the most unique things about Han Bin is his extremely vivid tattoo on his side, which was on show during some of the challenges.

Kim Han Bin’s tattoo | Netflix
| Netflix

So E was curious about why he got it in the first place.

Netizens were shocked when Han Bin revealed a personal story about his life that revealed the reason he got the tattoo. Han Bin explained, “It’s because I got a burn,” adding that he had surgery to remove it, but there was a scar.

Although Han Bin pointed out that although it was a faint scar, because it was still noticeable to him and he knew the process, he got one done with extremely vivid colors.

So E then explained that she actually wanted a tattoo, but bestie Han Bin was quick to share his shock, adding, “I can’t imagine you having one. Don’t get it, it will look unnatural.”

They even started sharing stories about their past relationships, with Han Bin even joking that he’s good at giving relationship advice but people like that (and like him) aren’t normally good at their own relationships.

When the video was released, netizens hated that the scene hadn’t made the final cut.

Although many thoughts it was because viewers might find it boring, most loved the more natural and unedited conversations between the contestants, even if it wasn’t romantic. Others also joked that with the way he interacted with So E, it was a crime that Han Bin hadn’t found a partner and was being friend-zoned.

The fact that So E and Han Bin could be so honest with each other proves that she made the right decision at the time.

Source: The Swoon

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