“Singles Inferno 2” Nadine And Jinyoung’s Latest Interaction Has Fans Hoping For “Endgame”

Will real life give us the happy ending the show never did?

Among all the ships that Singles Inferno 2 brought forward, Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young had some of the strongest supporters among viewers. So, when Jin Young ended up not choosing Nadine as his final pick, fans were disappointed to say the least.

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However, things might have changed for the better in the months following the show’s wrap. Recently, the two contestants collaborated on a YouTube video on Nadine’s mother’s channel Nimo Fam. They did a QnA session, revealing some behind-the-scenes stories from the show, and also shared their personal thoughts and experiences.

As fun as it was to see the two reunited, fans couldn’t help but notice the palpable chemistry between them. There was more than one moment where Jin Young and Nadine playfully teased the idea of dating each other, and fans who always hoped for them to end up together couldn’t ask for more!

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The more subtle moments included when Jin Young asked Nadine directly why she didn’t compliment him after he won the wrestling match while Seul Ki did and when he teased her about remembering their conversation during their date in Paradise.

While reading netizens’ comments about the show, the two came across a comment that said they look like siblings. Nadine said it’s because they are comfortable with each other, and Jin Young concluded that they suit each other better than expected.

Things got more direct when they came across another comment that hoped the two remained friends after the show. Jin Young said they might be friends for now but the future is unpredictable. Nadine agreed and said they might update fans in a few months again.

Jin Young repeated the same statement again when Nadine said both of them are still in the inferno of singlehood, despite many people rooting for them to be the final couple.

All these moments, tied up with the fact that Jin Young directly asked Nadine’s mother if she would approve of Jin Young dating Nadine, now have given many fans reasons to hope that these two still have a shot at becoming the “endgame.”

Hoping for this ship to sail soon!

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