“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Jo Yoong Jae Apologizes For Rejecting Lee So E

Viewers were divided over how he handled the situation.

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Single’s Inferno 2 star Jo Yoong Jae has been both a favorite and a controversial contestant this season.

Jo Yoong Jae

While viewers admired his dedication to Choi Seo Eun, they did not like how he handled situations with other contestants on the show.

For example, many were upset when he teamed up with Kim Jin Young against Choi Jong Woo in the men’s wrestling game.

But viewers were most divided over how Yoong Jae rejected Lee So E.

At the beginning of Single’s Inferno 2, Yoong Jae was the most popular male contestant. Ultimately, he ended up the subject of a love triangle. While he and Seo Eun were interested in each other, So E was still interested in him.

So E attempted to pursue him and made it clear she would like to go to Paradise with him, especially since those who had gone before couldn’t choose the same person twice.

Lee So E (left) and Jo Yoong Jae (right) | Netflix

Yet, he purposefully chose Lee Nadine instead of Lee Nadine, guaranteeing he would stay in Inferno even though Seo Eun went off to Paradise, which awkwardly left him there with So E and a few other contestants.


So E was definitely hurt by his actions, but she spoke with him again. Ultimately, he rejected her by saying he wanted to talk to other people. However, she knew that by that statement, he really meant he only wanted to talk to Seo Eun.


Of course, later, So E moved on from Yoong Jae and found her perfect match in Kim Se Jun.

Still, many viewers felt bad for So E in how Yoong Jae handled the situation with her. So, in a recent interview with the Brazilian site, NO! BACKSTAGE, he addressed the tension on the show and his relationships with fellow contestants.

NO! BACKSTAGE via @hyunjinkdh/Twitter

NO! BACKSTAGE asked him about So E. He expressed that while he had no ill intentions, he recognized that he lacked in how he handled the situation. Knowing he hurt So E’s feelings at the time, he apologized.

NO! BACKSTAGE via @hyunjinkdh/Twitter

Yoong Jae also addressed the controversial teaming up with Jin Young against Jong Woo. Read more below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Jo Yoong Jae Exposes The Reality Of His Controversial Behavior Teaming With Kim Jin Young Against Choi Jong Woo


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