“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Jin Young Is Determined To Date Lee Nadine — But There’s Something Holding Him Back

He also called her “sexy!”

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Single’s Inferno 2 star Kim Jin Young is not over Lee Nadine!

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Since Jin Young joined Single’s Inferno 2, viewers shipped him and Lee Nadine despite his obvious interest in Shin Seul Ki.

Some were even upset with Jin Young for standing next to Nadine in the finale before ultimately leaving to choose Seul Ki, although Nadine herself found it funny.

Now, Jin Young has implied there is still hope for him and Nadine.



Jin Young recently held a live broadcast with co-stars Jo Yoong Jae and Park Se Jeong. During it, they responded to fans’ questions, including about other castmates.

Jin Young read a comment, asking, “What about Nadine?” Yoong Jae interpreted it as asking, “What do you think about Nadine?” So, Jin Young was quick to praise her, calling her gorgeous, smart, funny, etc.

She’s very gorgeous and smart and fashionable and different culture. …She’s very charming!

— Kim Jin Young

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Jin Young shocked Yoong Jae by also saying Nadine is “so sexy.” Yoong Jae laughed and even asked to confirm, and Jin Young said, “Yeah!” He explained that since her fashion style is unique from what he usually sees in Korea, it makes her sexy.

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Another fan asked Jin Young when he would date Nadine. He initially replied, “Sometime,” before realizing the right word was “Someday” in English. He wanted to use English to communicate. He then broke into singing that he was ready…

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Still, there’s a reason why Jin Young is holding back from dating Nadine currently. He explained that since Nadine has plans for med school, he doesn’t want to in any way prevent her from achieving her goals! He wants to “protect” her dreams.

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Previously, Nadine and Jin Young collaborated on YouTube. During it, he actually asked for her mother’s approval for them to date! So, clearly, he is still interested.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Asks Lee Nadine’s Mom If She Would Approve Of Them Dating

Watch the clip below.

Jinyoung saying he’s gonna date Nadine someday on his ig live from Singlesinferno2

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