“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Asks Lee Nadine’s Mom If She Would Approve Of Them Dating

Lee Nadine’s mom immediately knew her answer.

Two of the most popular contestants from Single’s Inferno 2, Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young, recently sat down together to give viewers all the TMIs about filming the show.

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Understandably, the two focused a lot on their relationship both in the show and in the present. During the show, fans loved the chemistry between Nadine and Jin Young, finding their interactions endearing. Many even rooted for the two to choose each other in the end, which didn’t end up happening.

But even though the two may not have left Inferno together, they both admitted to having become close friends since the show.

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Still, after the new YouTube videos, some fans are still hoping that Nadine and Jin Young could be “end game.”

Especially since Jin Young seems to ship the two of them together more than even some viewers do.

One especially memorable moment from the YouTube collaboration was when Jin Young specifically asked Nadine’s mother what she would think of the two of them dating.

Earlier, Jin Young had asked Nadine if she really thought she could balance a relationship with her pre-med studies.

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Nadine admitted that it might be difficult, but she could do it “if I sincerely like the person, respect him, and love him…

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Later in the video, Jin Young asked Nadine’s mother if she would approve of him dating her daughter.

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And Nadine’s mother didn’t hesitate before saying she would “love that.”

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Nadine’s mother believes that Jin Young must have “discipline” and a “strong mentality” after serving in the military, so she wholeheartedly would approve of him dating her daughter.

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And she even encouraged Jin Young and Nadine to “figure the rest out,” which made Nadine playfully admit she was “scared.”

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But regardless of what the future could hold for Nadine and Jin Young, Single’s Inferno 2 viewers can agree that they hope to see the two friends interacting more often.

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